Girmay Hadgu (Shaleqa)

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Life and ministry

Aka Girma Hadgu and Girma Hadgo

From Timkehet Teffera (2020):

“Among the masterminds who steered the Ethiopian popular music to its success, Major [Shaleqa] Girmay Hadgu, songwriter, composer and instrument player, deserves great respect and admiration.” (p. 1)

In the early 1950s, he served in the Korean War.
Back in Ethiopia, he joined the Kibur Zebegna music band. (cf. p. 4) […]

Husband of Tirunesh Yimer and father of Getayawkal Girmay

Served at Addis Ababa Mekane Yesus congregation

Shaleqa Girmay taught accordion on the music courses at Mekane Yesus Seminary Music Department 1979-1982. (Marianne Nilsson, E-Mail from Dec. 2020)



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Audio (commercial and freemium)

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Popular music

Ené alantchi alnorem [I Can’t Live Without You]”,
Girmay Hadgu / Mulatu Astatke:

Gospel music albums



Major Girmay Hadgu & Eva. Tirunesh Yimer family choir
(recorded in 2015):


Major Girmay Hadgu’s life and ministry (4 parts; posted in 2018):

Further reading

Timkehet Teffera (2020). Life, Work and Legacy of Artist Girmay Hadgu – ግርማይ ሐድጉ (1928 – 2018).

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