Hirut Bekele

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Life and ministry

Hirut Bekele (or Hirut Beqele) is one of the most popular, beloved and famous Ethiopian singers back in [the] seventies. Her music is still very popular and is often an inspiration for young artists. Her personality as well as her unique music make her a real diva in the history of Ethiopian music. A magnificent vocalist, Hirut’s amazing voice intertwines with a haunted organ on some of her songs. She treats the listener to stunning compositions accompanied by virtuosic orchestrations via krar and organ, creating psychotropic room-filling sonics captured by the rough recording.

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aka Hirut Beqele


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[probably late 1960s or early 1970s:]

An Earlier Hirut Bekele Interview [ቆየት ያለ የሂሩት በቀለ ቃለ-መጠይቅ]


ETV Interview with Hirut Bekele


December 2012 - Hirut Bekele and Tefera Negash Testimony and Interview

[2015 interview probl. no longer available on YouTube]


ትውስታ 1 - ዓለምን ሮጬ አመለጥኳት - የቀድሞዋ አርቲስት ሂሩት በቀለ- Hirut Bekele
ትውስታ 2 - የማትሄድ እና የማትናገር የ 4 ዓመት ልጅ ዘይት  ቀብቼ ስፀልይላት ተፈወሰች/ጌታ ሰው አይንቅም /የቀድሞዋ አርቲስት  ሂሩት በቀለ

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