Rodén, Karl Gustaf (Rev)

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Life and ministry

Karl Gustaf Rodén lived from 1860-1943.

He was married to Emelie Rodén (née Nilsson); the couple arrived in Imkullu (Massawa) in 1884. They served with SEM in

  • Massawa (1884-86),
  • Arkiko (1887-88),
  • and in Geleb for more than two decades (1889-1911, 1913-20)

Rev. Rodén translated numerous hymns into Tigre.

Songs in hymn books


Därus Ṣəyon, 1902

  • 30 of the 43 hymns were translated by Rodén

Därus Ṣəyon, 1913

  • 106 of the 185 hymns were translated by Rodén

Därus Ṣəyon, 1931

  • 116 of the 310 hymns werde translated by Rodén


Emelie & Karl Gustaf Rodén (Rev)
(adapted from a photograph at the SEM Archives)

Further reading

Selected Sources

Rodén, Karl Gustaf & Emelie. Several letters to SEM and articles in the mission’s journal (Missions-Tidning). [Check SEM Archives online]

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