Kebebush Atebo

Kebebush Atebo Aloto was born in Weraboya, Durame District, Kambata County, in the former South Showa Region in 1965. Kebebush began singing in her local Kale Heywet Church as a member of youth Choir in 1975. Reading the Bible and listening to Bisrata Wongel (Amharic program broadcasted by Radio Voice of the Gospel) led her to compose songs and to sing as a solo singer since 1977. Two years later, Kebebush was one of the founding members of the Mishgida Parish Choir at Taza Secondary School. A harmonica player used to accompany Kebebush musically; later on, her brother accompanied her on guitar.

During the Ethiopian Revolution, Kebebush sang at various spiritual conferences, e.g. in 1981 at a conference organized by Weraboya Kale Heywet Church and in 1984 at the Mishgida Parish Conference. Due to the message of some of her songs that the suffering would pass soon and her commitment to motivating youth for church service the revolutionary cadres imprisoned Kebebush several times. She was the first gospel singer to worship God in Kambaata language and the first woman to serve as a solo gospel singer in that county. Her ministry encouraged several women to be involved in church ministry or public services.


(1) ዋሌ! መገኒች መጮጭኑን (Wa’lle! Maganiichch mechochi’nun, ‘Come! Let us hear from God’). Solo cassette in Kambaata language, released by the Kambaata and Hadiyya Bible Translation Office, Hosanna, 1988/89 [1981 CE].

vol. 1

(2) ጸሎቴን ያልከለከለኝ (Tsalooteen yalkelekelegn, ‘God did not reject my prayers’). Solo cassette with songs in Amharic language (accompanied on guitar by singer Tesfaye Gabbiso), released by EECMY South Central Synod Studio, Hossana, 1990/91 [1983 CE]

vol. 2 (Amh. no. 1)

(3) መገኒ ሁጄ ጄቹት ተኔት (Meganii huje jeechut tanneet, ‘This is the time that God acts’). Joint cassette with songs in Kambategna  Language, released by Getayawkal & Biruktawit Recording, Addis Ababa, 1996/97 [1989 AM].

vol. 3

(4) ስዕለቴን እከፍላለሁ(Si’iilaten ikkaf’laalehu, ‘I will pay my vows’). Solo cassette in Amharic language, Addis Ababa, 1998 [1991 AM].

vol. 4 (Amh. no. 2)


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Kebebush Atebo / Yohannes Lala