Lundahl, Bengt Peter (Rev)

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Life and ministry

Bengt Peter Lundahl was born in 1840 in the southern part of Sweden. He studied at the Theological Training Institute in Johannelund. After ordination Lundahl sailed to Massawa in 1868. Two years later, Lundahl taught at the new school established by the Swedish Evangelical Mission.

The school aimed at training missionaries for the interior of today’s Ethiopia. Some of the students were liberated slaves, e.g. Onesimos Nesib. The language of instruction and worship was Amharic. Lundahl translated Christian literature into Amharic and initiated a series of endeavors to reach the Oromo.

Lundahl edited the first Amharic hymnal, Yägubaʼe mäzmurat [Congregational songs], in 1881. A revised and expanded edition was printed shortly after his death in 1885.

Songs in Hymn book

Yägubaʼe mäzmurat (1881)

  • All hymns were translated or written by Lundahl


Image taken from Kolmodin (1897), Lundahl, p. 2

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