Onesimos Nesib (hymnal sources)

Amharic hymnal as a model (and sometimes intermediate source):

  • Yagubae mazmurat [(Amharic) Songs of the Congregation]. Translated by Bengt Peter Lundahl. St. Chrischona: Mission-Press, 1881 (at the expense of Swedish Evangelical Mission), [41 hymns; with music notation for harmonium]
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  • Yagubae mazmurat [(Amharic) Songs of the Congregation].
    Revised edition. Imkullo: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1887.
    [93 hymns; without music notation]
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Hymnals arranged according to the number of translated songs in
Faarsaa fi Weedu (1886):

  • 38 songs from Den svenska psalmboken [The Swedish Hymn Book], 1819. (Online version)
  • 32 songs from Sankey, Ira D. Sacred Songs and Solos. London: Morgan & Scott, 1877 (1890) [Overview on]
  • 16 songs from Palmqvist, Gustaf and Per Palmqvist, eds. (1862). Pilgrims-Sånger på vägen til det himmelska Sion [Songs of the Pilgrim on the way to heavenly Zion]. Stockholm: Palmqvist. [Swedish songbook with many songs of American origin]
  • Altoghether 15 songs from Sångbok för Söndagsskolan [Songbook for Sunday School]. Stockholm: C.A.V. Lundholm, 1876; and
    Oscar Ahnfelt’s songbooks [e.g., Andliga sånger, Stockholm 1917].

In the 1935 edition, music reference is mainly made to:

  • Sionstoner [Tones of Zion]. Stockholm: EFS förlag, 1889 etc.
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  • Sions Sånger [Songs of Zion]. Edited by J.C. Holmberg. Stockholm: Röpke, 1744. (Overview of songs)

Onesimos Nesib’s translation of Biblical texts was probably based on the following editions:

  • Swedish Karl XII Bible. 1703 edition, revised in 1873. Edited by Church of Sweden. [View text online (STEP Bible)]
  • Amharic Abu Rumi translation. Revised by Johann Ludwig Krapf and Johann Martin Flad. Printed at the expense of the British and Foreign Bible Society. St. Chrischona (Switzerland): Mission-Press, 1886. [View online]
  • As Onesimos was dissatisfied with the linguistic quality of Krapf’s Oromo New Testament (1876), he refused to revise it and translated the Bible anew.