Saamu’eel Siibbooro

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Life and ministry

Saamu’eel Siibbooro was born in _ _ _ (Lisaana?) in _ _ _ (year?)

He is one of the early Hadiyyisa gospel singers.

Member of KHC Lisaana (about _ _ _ km from Hossana).

Saamu’eel often served together with Elsa’a Shaheebo, who preached.

His son, Yosef, accompanied them on their ministry trips since his early childhood. Some congregagations criticized this.

Tagesech Amacho, who later became Yosef’s wife, was also a team member from an early age.


(1) Ni Waadu lophphona [_ _ _, May our God be exalted!]. (Informal) cassette recorded by _ _ _ in _ _ _ .

Samu’eel intended to publish a second album.

Songs in hymn book

Waa’i galaxxamona (2013)

Nr. 506, 550.