Shiferaw Mekuria

Shiferaw Mekuria W/Michael was born in Sire town, Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, in 1954. His parents were members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Shiferaw became a follower of Protestant Christianity after he received Jesus Christ as his personal saviour at Nazaret (aka Adama) Meserete Kristos Church in 1969. Three years later, he joined Addis Ababa University College of Commerce. After his BA, he worked as manager of a mortgage bank. Shiferaw was one of the founding members of Tsion Choir in Addis Ababa and an active member of Qetena Hulet Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers’ Church (Amh.: Mulu Wongel) until he moved to the USA in 1998.

Shiferaw Mekuria has an extraordinary natural vocal gift. In Tsion Choir, he often sang the solo parts and contributed a lot to the growth of the choir as well as Tsion Church. Upon invitation, Shiferaw also sang at worship services and spiritual conferences of other denominations. To name two examples, he sang at the annual conference of Meserete Kristos Church in 1973 and the yearly meeting of Kale Heywot Church in 1974.

Shiferaw’s 1976 audio recording was the first cassette with gospel songs recorded by Bisrata Wongel Radio (now called Yemisratch Dimts Communication Services). In 2018, he published more of his classic songs on a VCD. Presently, Shiferaw Mekuria is serving as a volunteer leader and singer in his congregation, Peniel Ethiopian Evangelical Church, in Columbus, Ohio.


(1) Geetee yenee firee [ጌጤ የኔ ፍሬ, (You,) My beauty and my harvest]. Solo cassette, recorded by Bisrata Wongel Radio Voice [YDCS] and released by Tsion Church, Addis Ababa, 1976.

 (2) Yehyiwote selam [የህይወቴ ሠላም, The peace of my life]. VCD, recorded by Dan Digital Studio and released by Shiferaw Mekuria, Columbus, OH, 2018.   

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Audio (YouTube)

Song with lyrics

የእረፍቴ ስፍራ (clip publ. in 2022):

without lyrics

Yehiwote selam (2019):

Wede Egziabher bet (2019):

Zemenat (2019):

በሐሳብ ስትዋዥቅ (2021):

ኢየሱስ መዝነኝ (2023):

የእረፍቴ ቦታ (2023):

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