Tamrat Walba

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Life and ministry

aka Tamirat Wolba

From Addis Ababa Meserete Kristos Church (Alemu Checole, p. 231)

Was a member of the congregation’s “A” Choir.


(1) _ _

(2) _ _ (Demstehe Yesemagne; ‘ _ _ _’). _ _ released by _ _ _, 1992 [AM] (= 1999/2000 GC). [Q: Check! See below]

(3) _ _ _

Songs in Hymn Book

Mert Mazmurat (1975ff)

1 song L&M: 4:45

Audio (YouTube)


ታምራት ወልባ መዝሙር ድምጼን ከፍ ላርገው

ዘማሪ ታምራት ወልባ Tamirat Wolba
ታምራት ወልባ Tamrat Walba Vol 2
ታምራት ወልባ Tamrat Walba Vol 3

The following album is said to be from Tamrat Walba.
However, one of the listeners thinks it is from Gizachew Worku
(who has also been a member of Meserete Kristos Choir).

Ethiopian Protestant II የታምራት ወልባ ቁጥር #2 Demstehe Yesemagne (Tamrat Welba #2) 1992ድንቅ ዝማሬዎች


tamrat walba Amharic mezmur gospel music 🎼 hulu tchlale
tamrat walba Amharic gospel music mezmur

with lyrics:

ታምራት ወልባ ዛሬን በፈቃዱ
ድምጽህ ይሰማኝ በወንድም ታምራት ወልባ የጥንት መዝሙር ይቅርታ ስለድምጽ ጥራቱ

Audio (TheChurchLife)

» Listen to vol. 3 on TheChurchLife.org



For further reading

Alemu Checole [assisted by Samuel Asefa] (2006). “Mennonite Churches in Easter Africa” in: J.A. Lapp and C.A. Snyder (general eds.), Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts (Global Mennonite History Series: Africa), p. 191-253. Intercourse, PA: Good Books.