Tamrat Walba

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Life and ministry

aka Tamirat Wolba

From Addis Ababa Meserete Kristos Church (Alemu Checole, p. 231)

Was a member of the congregation’s “A” Choir.


(1) _ _

(2) _ _ (Demstehe Yesemagne; ‘ _ _ _’). _ _ released by _ _ _, 1992 [AM] (= 1999/2000 GC). [Q: Check! See below]

(3) _ _ _

Songs in Hymn Book

Mert Mazmurat (1975ff)

1 song L&M: 4:45

Audio (YouTube)


ታምራት ወልባ መዝሙር ድምጼን ከፍ ላርገው

The following album is said to be from Tamrat Walba.
However, one of the listeners thinks it is from Gizachew Worku
(who has also been a member of Meserete Kristos Choir).

Ethiopian Protestant II የታምራት ወልባ ቁጥር #2 Demstehe Yesemagne (Tamrat Welba #2) 1992ድንቅ ዝማሬዎች


tamrat walba Amharic mezmur gospel music 🎼 hulu tchlale
tamrat walba Amharic gospel music mezmur

with lyrics:

ታምራት ወልባ ዛሬን በፈቃዱ
ድምጽህ ይሰማኝ በወንድም ታምራት ወልባ የጥንት መዝሙር ይቅርታ ስለድምጽ ጥራቱ

Audio (TheChurchLife)

» Listen to vol. 3 on TheChurchLife.org



For further reading

Alemu Checole [assisted by Samuel Asefa] (2006). “Mennonite Churches in Easter Africa” in: J.A. Lapp and C.A. Snyder (general eds.), Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts (Global Mennonite History Series: Africa), p. 191-253. Intercourse, PA: Good Books.