Tihut Yohannes

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Life and ministry

Tihut Yohannes was born in _ _ _

She was connected to

  • Ethiopian Evangelical Church in New York (around 1998)
    [Q: The Church pastored by Mesfin Mamo ?]


(1) Kəbər məsgana länəgusu [ክብር ምሥጋና ለንጉሡ, Glory and thanks to the King]. Cassette recorded at P.I.R.R. International Studio, Arlington, VA, in 1991.

(2) Yäwəde qal bätäraroč lay sizäləl … siwäräwär yəmäṭal [የውዴ ቃል በተራሮች ላይ ሲዘልል … ሲወረወር ይመጣል,The word of my beloved comes when he jumps on the mountains]. Cassette released by _ _ _ in 1998 [1991 AM] _ _ _.