Tzeggai Gebreselassie

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Life and ministry

Tzeggai [aka Tsegay] Gebreselassie was born in _ _ _

From Nilsson, ch. 2
in forthcoming book on Ethiopian Gospel Music:

“In 1985, an Eritrean musician educated in Sweden, Tzeggai
Gebreselassie, compiled the first music edition for Mäzmur sälam. This is particularly surprising since, no later than in 1921, Nils Nilsson had written to the mission board in Stockholm to explain that the Tigrinya speaking believers were in urgent need of a music edition. In his music edition, Tzeggai Gebreselassie copied the music from Sionstoner and the other hymnbooks. The music was written in four-part harmony.”



Further readings


Mäzmur sälam [መዝሙር ሰላም, Songs of peace]. Music book, edited by Tzeggai Gebreselassie. Avesta (?): The Evangelical Church of Eritrea, 1975.


Nilsson, Marianne. Chapter 2 in forthcoming book on Ethiopian gospel music.