Zelalem Mengistu (Pastor)

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Life and ministry

According to his his FB and LinkedIn pages:

From Leku, Sidamo; studied English Language and Literature at Asmara University;

a former member of Debre Zeit Kale Heywet Choir

Earned a M.Div. from Trinity Western Seminary.

Pastored Grace Christian Fellowship in Brooks (Canada) for ten years.

Zelalem is working on an Amharic Bible Dictionary.


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Discussion and teaching on zäfän and mäzmur


Yidres LeZemariwotch 1 ይድረስ ለዘማሪዎች ክፍል 1
ይድረስ ለዘማሪዎች ቁጥር 2 Yidres LeZemariwotch 2


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ክርስቲያንና ዘፈን (ዘፈናምነት) ክፍል አንድ።
ክርስቲያንና ዘፈን (ዘፈናምነት)፤ ክፍል ሁለት። ከዘፈናምነት ጀርባ ያሉ ወልጋዳ ፍልስፍናዎች።
ክርስቲያንና ዘፈን (ዘፈናምነት)፤ ክፍል ሦስት። ከዘፈናምነት ጀርባ ያሉ ሰበቦች።
ክርስቲያንና ዘፈን (ዘፈናምነት)፤ ክፍል አራት (የመጨረሻው)። ከዘፈናምነት ጀርባ ያሉ ሰበቦች።

For further study

ዘላለም መንግስቱ (2011 A.M. [2019 A.D.]). እንዝፈን ወይስ እንዘምር? ዘፈናምነት እና ቤተ ክርስትያን [Should we sing or not sing? Singing and Church]. አዲስ አበባ: መድረክ ዕዝራ ማተምያ ቤት.