Amharic hymnals (individuals)

(1) Tamirat Haile

Halle luya [ሀሌ ሉያ, Hallelujah]. Edited by Tamirat Haile. Addis Ababa: Living Sound Ministry, 1992/93 (1985 AM).
[Contains the Songs of Tamrat Haile from 6 cassettes published between 1976-1992.]

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(2) Tesfaye Gabbiso

Yätäsfaye Gabbiso mäzmuročč [የተስፋዬ ጋቢሶ መዝሙሮች, The songs of Tesfaye Gabbiso]. Transl. Haile Jenai Kifle, comp. Lila W. Balisky. Addis Ababa: SIM Press, 2011; revised ed. 2012. [Reprints in 2015 and 2019]


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Mǝhǝretu ayalqǝhǝmǝna [ምህረቱ አያልቅምና, His mercy never ends]. Hawassa: Tesfaye Gabbiso and Hawassa Mulu Wengel Amagnoch Church, 2012/13 (2005 AM).
[Contains the lyrics of over 200 songs sung by Tesfaye Gabbiso from 1974-2012.]

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