Amharic hymnals (Swedish Missions)

Swedish Evangelical Mission

Yägubaʼe mäzmurat [የጉባኤ መዝሙራት]

Yägubaʼe mäzmurat [የጉባኤ መዝሙራት, Congregational hymns]. Revised edition by Bengt P. Lundahl. Imkullo: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1887 [1886?].

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Swedish Evangelical Mission and
Swedish Mission Bibeltrogna Vänner
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(1) Səbhat läʼamlak [ስብሐት ለአምላክ]

· Səbhat läʼamlak [ስብሐት ለአምላክ, Praise be to God]. Edited by Olle Eriksson and Josef Svensson. Asmara: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1925.

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· Səbhat läʼamlak [ስብሐት ለአምላክ, Praise be to God]. 2nd edition. Edited by Sven Röstin. Asmara: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1935.

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(2) Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat [የቤተ ክርስቲያን መዝሙራት]

Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat [የቤተ ክርስቲያን መዝሙራት, Church songs]. _ _ [Asmara:] Swedish Mission Press, 1934/35 (1927 AM).

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  • Was the 2nd edition ever printed under the title “Səbhat läʼamlak“? Perhaps this is a case of confusion and the above-mentioned publication “Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat” is meant.
  • Note that the title Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat is similar to the title of the first Amharic hymnal, Yägubaʼe mäzmurat. It would be good to investigate whether Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat is a local edition of Səbhat läʼamlak for use in Asmara and the surrounding area.