Anglican Church Liturgies

Book of Common Prayer

Rev. Karl Wilhelm Isenberg of the London-based Church Missionary Society translated the Anglican “Common Book of Prayer” and the Heidelberg Catechism into Amharic. The Amharic Common Book of Prayer was published in 1842 and appears to be the first printed Amharic Protestant liturgy.

The Dinka version (Bor dialect) was issued in 1956. Most Dinka live in Southern Sudan, yet there are also some Dinka refugees in Ethiopia.

Anglican Common Worship Eucharist

The Anglican Common Worship Eucharist has been translated into

  • Annuak, 2010 (permission required)
  • Jieng (alias Dinka) [refugees from South Sudan], 2010 (permission required)
  • Ma’aban [refugees from South Sudan], 2010 (permission required)
  • Eastern Nuer, 2010 (permission required)
  • Opo [an endangered language in South Sudan and Ethiopia;
    liturgy not available online]
  • Somali [liturgy not available online]

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