Tigrinya ELCE liturgy

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eritrea (ELCE) …

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Mäzmur sälam

» Check the YouTube channels Dehai Kenisha, Eritrean Ev. Lutheran Church in North America and Heavenly Songs for hymns from the Eritrean Lutheran hymnal, Mäzmur sälam [Songs of peace; 1st ed. Asmara: Swedish Ev. Mission, 1900].

Following is one of the oldest songs in the hymnal (no. 269):

No. 161 with musical notation:


Eritrean Lutheran Church in North America

published in 2022:

Cross references

Tigrinya hymnals (ed. Swedish Mission)

Tigrinya hymnals (ed. Ev. Church of Eritrea)

Further reading

Lundström, Karl Johan and Ezra Gebremedhin. Kenisha: The Roots and Development of the Evangelical Church of Eritrea, 1866-1935. Trenton, NJ: The Red Sea Press, 2011.