Oromo EECMY Liturgy

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Current text edition (2013)

Waldaa Kristaanaa Warra Wangeelaa Makaana Yesus Itoophiyaa, Macaafa Sirna Waaqeffannaa fi Toora Tajaajila Hafuura. 2 vols. Addis Ababa: EECMY, 2013.
[Official Oromo translation of the Amharic EECMY Book of Liturgy and Worship, 3rd edition. Addis Ababa: EECMY, 2008]

Vol. 1 (services):

» Read Vol. 2 (front and back material)

Liturgical canticles

Trial version for the 2013 Book of Liturgy and Worship:

Former editions [Q: which ones?] of the Oromo EECMY Book of Liturgy and Worship included music notations of the liturgical canticles:

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First text edition (1935)

» Read part of Liturgy published in 1935 (in Oromo hymn book)


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Secondary literature


Bauerochse, Ernst (2007). In Dienst genommen: Erinnerungen eines Missionars. Hermannsburg: Ludwig-Harms-Haus. [mentions his contribution to Oromo EECMY liturgy]

Agende für die evangelisch-lutherische Kirche der Provinz Hannover. Hannover: Schlüter, 1901.

Kleines Kantionale I für einstimigen Chor: Zum Band I der Agende für evangelisch-lutherische Kirchen und Gemeinden. 2nd ed. Hannover: Schlütersche Verlagsanstalt, 1960. [1st ed. 1958]

Handbok för svenska kyrkan. Lund: C.W. K. Gleerups Förlag, 1899.
[English translation by Eric E. Yelverton, 1921.
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Add: Liturgy common at Gr. Kreuzkirche in Hermannsburg before WW II.

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