Manuscripts from choirs in SNNPR

Source: Günter Schröder (2017). Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Administrative Divisions – Regions (kilil), Zones, Districts (wereda),
p. 40. ( The former Sidama Zone and the South West Region
are now regions in their own right.

Hadiyya Zone

7 Hadiyyisa gospel songs quoted in Peter (1999), Kulturelle Identität und Religiöses Bekenntnis

» Open manuscript

15 Hadiyyisa gospel songs of the Ethiopian Catholic Church

» Open manuscript

13 Hadiyyisa gospel songs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

» Open manuscript

25 Hadiyyisa gospel songs of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

» Open manuscript

Kambaata-Xambaaro Zone

Kambaata Gospel songs collected in 2007/08.

» Open manuscript


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