Oromo hymnals (Western Synod)

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
[content from former Western Synod]

Galata Waaqayyoo [ገለተ ዋቀዮ]

Galata Waaqayyoo [ገለተ ዋቀዮ, Praise God]. Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts

· 1st edition. 1976/77 (1969 AM). [110 songs]:

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· 2nd [revised?] edition. 1990/91 (1983 AM):

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Background information

Presidents of the former EECMY Western Synod:

  • Rev Dafaa Jammoo (1959–71)
  • Rev Tasgara Hirphoo (1971–81)