Gimbi Mekane Yesus Singers

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History and ministry

Gimbi is the administrative center of West Wellega Zone of Oromia Region.

Early History

From Arén, Envoys:

“[p. 211] At Gimbi he [Rev. Dahlberg] and his three companions […] visited Ato Fayissa Alabé [in 1925], an evangelist trained by Onesimos and married to Onesimos’ daughter Demie. Dahlberg found [p. 212] Fayissa to be a gentle and humble man who faithfully pursued the evangelistic ministry he had commenced in 1921, although he had not seen much fruit of his work.”

From Magaarsaa Guutaa, Humble Beginning:

“[p. 24] When the Swedish missionaries returned to Ethiopia in 1946, they realized that the number of evangelical Christians had grown because of a strong revival that had taken place in the congregations of Gimbii District under some influential lay preachers, such as Hunde Gutama from Mandi. This gave rise to more congregations than could be shepherded by Rev. Manfred Lundgren and Rev. Dafaa Jammoo.”


Gimbi Mekane Yesus “A” Choir

Singers connected to this choir

Q: Was Rahel Tefera a member of Gimbi Mekane Yesus Choir?


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vol. 1 (?):

vol. 2:






On EECMY in Gimbi (2022):


[Q: Were these persons at the 100th anniversary of the Oromo Bible translation members of Gimbi Mekane Yesus Choir?

(courtesy Keba Fido)

Further readings

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Online resource on local history

Gimbi” in Local History of Ethiopia, compiled by Bernhard Lindahl, 2005 (published on the website of The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala).