Teferi Angose

Teferi Angose Abay [Qubee: Tafarii Angose] was born in Korme, Gimbi District, West Oromia, in 1960. Teferi became a choir member of the local Mekane Yesus congregation in 1972. During high school, he joined the choir in Gimbi. As a teacher, he was a member of the Mekane Yesus choirs in Lalo Aira, Bodji Dirmajii, and the Addis Ababa sub-city of Furi.

During the Ethiopian Revolution, Teferi was in prison for eleven months because he was organising Christian youth to serve in a choir. The cadres regarded his 1977 song Yaadadhu uumaa kee yaadaan hin baajjajin [Remember God, don’t be thoughtless] as an insult.

As a choir member, Teferi sometimes accompanied the singers with box guitar or accordion. Since 1986, Teferi has also served as a solo singer during Oromo congregational worship programs and at various spiritual conferences. He passed away in August 2022.


(1) _ _ _ [in Qubee] [ገለተኬ ሂሙፍ አንሞ ኤሰን ጅረ, Where am I to give thanks at dawn]. Solo cassette, released by EECMY Yemisrach Dimts Communication Services [YDCS], Addis Ababa, 1987/88 [1980 AM].

(2) _ _ _ [in Qubee] [ነምን ዋቀዮን አመነቱ ኤብፈማደ, Who believes in God is a blessed one]. Solo cassette, released by YDCS, Addis Ababa, 1987/88 [1980 AM].

(3) _ _ _ [in Qubee] [ዱራን ዱርስኔ ሞቱማዋ ቀዮኡቱ ባረባድኔ, But seek ye the kingdom of God]. Solo cassette, released by EECMY Bethel Studio, Addis Ababa, 1989/90 [1982 AM].

(4) Biiftuu garasitti [Behind the sunset (i.e., at death)]. Solo cassette, released by EECMY Western Synod studio, Bodji, 1993.

(5) Rooba eebbakeetii [Showers of blessing]. Solo cassette, released by EECMY Bethel Studio, Addis Ababa, 1997.

(6) Biiftuu garasitti [Behind the sunset]. CD with remixed songs released in 2022.

Songs in hymn book

Macaafa Faarfannaa: Galata Waaqayyo

Nr. 57, 99, 100, 112, 115, 140, 154, 256, 273, _ (?)
[10 songs contributed; 1 not remembered]


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Teferi Angose