Aira Evangelical Singers

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History and ministry

Aira [Qubee: Aayiraa] is located in West Welega Zone.

Rev. Dietrich Wassmann was the first German Hermannsburg Mission (GHM; now ELM) missionary there and taught singing classes in European tunes.

Testimonies of evening devotions in huts

  • Q: Availability of Onesimos’ hymn book at that time
    (easier to transport by donkey than full bibles, yet not the main teaching aid for literacy, etc.)?

Hermann Hornbostel served in Aira from 1934-42 and 1951-56.
Hornbostel directed brass choir(s).

M. Nilsson remarks: Original title of Onesimos hymn book (Faarsaa fi Weedu) rejected in Aira since these Oromo words refer to worldy songs.

1954: evangelist course

1961-63: first course at Onesimos Nesib Bible School (now Onesimos Nesib Seminary)

Singers connected to Mekane Yesus choirs in Aira:


albums/ collections
“A” Choir:

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Lalo Aira, “B” Choir:
🛑KUMAATAMA KEESSAA! Garee Faarfannaa WWWMY Laaloo Aayiraa Lakk. 1ffaa Albama guutuu isaa
Oromo Gospel (Nagaa Ani Si Keessatti Qabu_(Faarfatoota gurmuu :B" W.W.W.M.Y.S.B.D.Laaloo Aayiraa)

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Rev. Dietrich Wassmann teaching first singing lesson; Aira around 1930/31
(from ELM Hermannsburg Archive; ELM-A 14, adapted)
Rev. Dietrich Wassmann playing the trumpet; Korme 1952
(from ELM Hermannsburg Archive; adapted)
Brass choir at Mission Festival, Addis Ababa 1938.
Among them Rev. Hinrich Rathje and probably Hermann Hornbostel
(from ELM Hermannsburg Archive; adapted)

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