Befikadu Bekele (Pastor)

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Life and ministry

Befikadu Bekele Tura (Qubee: Bafaqaaduu Baqqalaa) was born in _ _ _

former member of Full Gospel Believers’ Church

From his YouTube channel:

“Befikadu was born and raised in East Wellega, Oromia region, Ethiopia. Currently he is living in Edmonton, AB, Canada. He is a member of Bethel International Church Edmonton Oromo Congregations serving as pastor and gospel singer. He is also one of the founder and leaders the church.”


(1) _ _

(2) _ _

(3) Ani gatii dhiiga keeti [I am the price of your blood]. CD published by _ _ _ in ___

(4) Yeroon ga’e [The time has come]. CD published by _ _ _ in 2022.


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