Gospel Groups, Central Ethiopia Region

Map of Zones of Ethiopia
(CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED; cropped: Central Ethiopia Region)

[Note that the administrative names are derived from Amharic and therefore differ from the proper name in Roman script:
Kembata vs. Kambaata, etc.]

Protestant Groups

(Zones of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’
Region arranged alphabetically)

Gurage Zone & East Gurage Zone

Fares Int’l Worship Chappel

Hibret Mezemran

(?) Butajira: Any remarkable choir with albums / written songs?

Hadiya Zone & Mareko Special Zone

Amburse Amanuel Choir

An-Lisana KHC Parish Choir

Ansho Mulu Wongel Yedidia Choir

Dubancho KHC Choir

Qaalisha Evangelical singers

Shone Mulu Wongel Choir

(?) Gimbichu or Jajura: Which choir was first to use Hadiyyisa?

(?) Bosho’ana choirs?

(?) Bobicho / Hossana KHC choirs

(?) Lisana Meserete Kristos Choir

Kembata Zone

Doyogena Tsega Choir (Kambaata)

Mishgida Bethel Choir (Kambaata)

(?) Angacha Choir

Tembaro Special Zone

Hadero Kale Heywet Choir (Amharic)

Halaba Zone

Psalmos Choir Halaba

Ethiopian Orthodox groups


Catholic groups

Hadiyya Bethel Singers

Seventh-Day Adventist groups

[Hadiyya] Gimbichu Rehoboth

[Kambaata] Abonsa SDA Choir

Oneness Pentecostal groups

[Hadiyya] Hossana: Union of Maranatha Choir (Amharic)


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