Self-contained congregations and ministries


This overview comprises prominent singers who serve as leaders of Pentecostal congregations and para-church organizations that are often members of the Ethiopia Pentecostal Churches Fellowship (Facebook page) and/ or the Word of Faith Movement:


Binyam Wale (Pastor; Faith Bible Int’l [FBI] Church )


Dawit Molalegn (Bishop; Faith Bible Int’l [FBI] Church [FBI])


Elias Abite (Prophet; Glory of Zion Int’l Ministries [Baltimore])

Endale Woldegiorgis (Pastor; Faith Bible Int’l [FBI] Church)

Eyu Chufa (Prophet; Christ Army Int’l Church)


Meklit Mamo


Suraphel Demissie (Prophet; Presence of God Int’l Church)


Tibebu Workiye (Pastor; Paul Christ’s Gospel Int’l Church)

Tefera Wolde Maryam (Pastor; Berea Int’l Church)


Zenebech Gessesse (Pastor; Jesus the Spring of Life Int’l Church [JSL])

Background information

There are several self-contained Pentecostal congregations and para-church organizations that are not lead by gospel singers but regularly offer a platform to guest singers.

These include TV ministries and congregations such as:

City of Refuge Church aka YouGo Church (Addis Ababa)

Global Mercy of God Church (Nekemte)

Further reading

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