Contact-Induced Changes in Music

Nowadays, many Ethiopian Christians live in North America, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East. At the same time, the media brings the music of other countries to Ethiopia.

Additional studies on the musical processes in these “zones of contact” would be desirable (e.g., on the formation of multiple belongings, assimilation and/or dissimilation in gospel music).


AFG Gospel Band

Ahavah Gospel Singers

Mulu Wongel YeEgziabher Selam Shibsheba Singers

Rhythm National Choir


Biruk Gebretsadiq

Dawit (Danny) Wolde

Feven Yoseph

Kibrom A. Birhane

Nilsson, Marianne

Tsege-Mariam Gebru (Emahoy), 1923 – 2023


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