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The Institute started as “Mahlet Christian Music Forum.” It has been directed by Pastor Melaku Yigezu.

The Mahlet Institute “is dedicated to promoting the music ministry of the Church by instructing, leading, encouraging and nurturing songwriters, composers, singers and worship leaders to the glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom” (from its FB page).

The Institute conducts concerts and recognition programs

  • to honor 3 singers who released outstanding albums/ songs recently
  • to celebrate the life achievement of 2 singers / choirs


The Institute’s original 8 criteria for evaluating hymns were:

  • The song is for the purpose of evangelism, worship, thanksgiving, discipleship, encouragement, edification or for correction.
  • The message of the song is Biblically accurate.
  • The song has a beautiful melody, rich harmony, subtle rhythm (flow), and resolution (a fitting end).
  • The song is well-written with good choice of words and the music matches the words
  • The song is original in its lyrics and music composition and is not copied from other sources
  • The singer has an exemplary Christian life
  • The song has a consistent theme throughout
  • The singer(s) is (are) highly gifted (from 2014 YouTube movie)

In 2022, the Institute published an expanded list of 10 criteria
(You may want to use Google Translate if you do not read Amharic):

ግምገማው የሚካሄደው በሚከተሉት ዐሥርት መስፈርቶች መሠረት ነው፡-

  1. የዝማሬው ግጥም መጽሐፍ ቅዱሳዊ ትክክለኝነት አለው፡፡
  2. ዝማሬው ወጥ መልእክት ያለውና ዘመን ዘለቅ ጥራት ያለው ነው፡፡
  3. ዝማሬው ልብን የሚነካ፣ አእምሮን የሚመግብና መንፈሳዊ አሰላስሎን የሚያነሣሣ ነው፡፡
  4. የዝማሬው ቃላት ሥነ ጽሑፋዊ ብስለትና ሥነ ግጥማዊ ውበት አላቸው፡፡
  5. ዜማው፣ ኅብራዊነቱና ምቱ ልእቀት ባለው ሁኔታ የተሰናሰሉ ናቸው፡፡
  6. ዜማው (ሙዚቃው) አድማጩ የመዝሙሩን መልእክት እንዲያስታውስ ያግዘዋል፡፡
  7. ዜማው ከቃላቱ ጋር በሚገባ የተዋሃደ (የተስማማ) ነው፡፡
  8. የመዝሙሩ ወርጅናሌነትና አዲስ አቀራረብ (የፈጠራ ክህሎት፡፡
  9. የዘማሪው የመዘመር ተሰጥዖ ያለው መሆን፡፡
  10. የዘማሪው መንፈሳዊ ሕይወትና ጤናማ የሕይወት ምስክርነት ያለው መሆኑ፡፡


Award recipients (in chronological and alphabetical order) at

1st recognition event (Los Angeles, 2012):

2nd recognition event (Los Angeles, 2013):

3rd recognition event (Washington, D.C., 2014):

4th recognition event (Addis Ababa, 2015):

5th recognition event (Addis Ababa, 2017):

6th recognition event (Addis Ababa, 2019):

7th recognition event (Addis Ababa, 2022):


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