Secular / Spiritual Music

1. Individuals who began their career as “secular” musicians

1.1 Singers who mainly sing in Amharic

Chelina Yeshiwondim

Hirut Bekele, 1942–2023

Melesse Mergia

Muluken Melesse, 1954–2024

Tefera Negash

Tibebu Workiye (Pastor)

Zeritu Kebede

1.2 Singers who mainly sing in Oromo

Abebe Abeshu

Abitew Kebede (Pastor)

Isaack Haile

1.3 Singers who mainly sing in Hadiyya

Matiwos Ortabo, * 1970

? Abulo (former member of the Hadiyya Cultural Troupe)

1.4 Instrumentalists

Girmay Hadgu (Shaleqa), 1928–2018

Jorga Mesfin

Seyoum Gebreyes, † 2012

Tigist Ejigu (became a gospel singer)

Tirunesh Yimer (became a gospel singer)

2. ‘Secular’ singers who performed some [Orthodox] spiritual songs

Bezawork Asfaw

Teddy Afro [Tewodros Kassahun]

3. Musicians who began their career in a gospel band / choir

(Mostly instrumentalists who do not receive the same attention and pay as vocalists)

Alemayehu Eshete

Elias Melka, 1977–2019

Selam Seyoum Woldemariam, * 1954

Yohannes Tona

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